be shaken, be stirred…

Stirring constantly is all about what I enjoy doing the most. It’s that feeling of restlessness, stirring constantly inside my chest, prompting me to leave, pack, wander, get wild, surrender and be totally crazy and lost!  Yes, this blog is all about my life as a nomad, a crazy wanderer, a feel-good tourist, a pilgrim, chasing endlessly that so-called void, searching for answers everywhere and even to the far corners of the world.
Indeed, I have an itinerant’s life. And every time I wander, I came to discover little things about myself. I learned that music can be learned in one’s lifetime. I also discovered that cooking excites me and even spent my hard-earned money searching for unique cuisines, distinct flavors and aromas. In my mini-{mis}adventures, I was exposed to the worldly and sinful life, to the sublime and divine world and most of all, to a surreal life replete of pain and laughter.


Nothing is what it seems.  A journey may take up all your energies for nothing or for everything. Steve Jobs may have said it perfectly; “Stay hungry, stay foolish” Well, am not sure about this anymore as I ended up always with zero balance on my savings account. Let’s not even go to being foolish as am certainly the worst among those dreamers and treasure and adventure-seekers alike! But one day…..things will change. I’ll be a rich and wise man someday. Rich in adventures and wise about living my best life.


In times of confusion, Stirring Constantly is not just any travel blog- it’s my travelogue blog! A diary of bucket-lists, so to speak! We all die, but this blog will surely live!


Thank you and please leave a message or two and I will certainly get back to you 🙂profile



Tiago Chicano

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11 thoughts on “be shaken, be stirred…

    • Indeed, I am so blessed to have traveled and seen so many places. I have nothing but gratitude. You will see a lot too in your life, and before you know it, you’ve already living your dream. Fair winds and calm seas!!

    • Thank You nik_rielo!!! It’s an honor and a privilege to be followed by one awesome photographer, independent backpacker and one courageous wanderer! And needless to say, what an awesome blog (Pinoy on the Road) you have, my friend!!! 🙂

  1. I am curious why the religious robes and facing the wall. I have seen a native american, very into being native american do the same thing. what is the significance?

    • It’s just a picture of me facing the Western Wall in Jerusalem. I just love that photo. But am not wearing any religious robes at all. It is customary to wear a cap when praying and caps are distributed at the entrance. And it’s all about respecting religious beliefs, I guess. Thank you for always reading my posts, mkesling63!

  2. Hi superparadise_x! 🙂 Amnesia girl here (from PEX). Amazed, definitely, by all your travels and how you’ve documented them. They do inspire me a lot more to travel. But more than that, I am in awe and utter wonderment (if there is such a word) as to how you get to travel a lot. Anyhow, expect me to be snooping around your blog from now on.

    Muchos besos amigo! 🙂

    • Hello there Amnesia Girl!!! Super thanks for visiting my humble site. I am so busy nowadays that I hardly find time to update this blog 🙂 But so many travels in store that’s really taking most of my time…but no complaints, really 🙂 I am just beyond happy!! See you hopefully soon in Europe and I will be your personal guide….take care!

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