Lunch on the Top of Berlin’s Reichstag

Reichstag 1

It is not an everyday occurrence in my life to have lunch at famous restaurants and to top it all, on the top of the German Bundestag (the Parliament), the Reichstag.

The lunch was exceptional and truly unforgettable. They serve traditional German cuisine with a modern twist to perhaps cater to an ever evolving multi-cultural palate. Reservation is  a must and recommended. There were a lot of walk-in guests but ended up with sad faces.


As the Reichstag requires advance reservation for all visitors, the Kaefer Dachgartenrestaurant Berlin does the same thing.  The lunch was a bit pricey when it comes to German standards but the experience is truly worth every penny.

The moment I sat and looked at the sumptuous meal served in front of me, I just can’t help but look outside, as my thoughts came rushing from the nearby Brandenburg Gate, where so many people were taking pictures of one another. Then the beautiful dome of the Reichstag, designed by the genius architect Sir Norman Foster also came into my reverie. The walk to the top of the building while taking in the beauty of Berlin was truly an unforgettable sight. And like what I have said, to top it all was this mouth-watering lunch at the Dome.


Reichstag 7


It is truly a must for anyone visiting Berlin to see and visit the German Bundestag. Not only that the building was so historical but also a very important tool in understanding the German culture- in particular how the city of Berlin came into such a weird and mind-boggling separation, brought about by wars and conflict that marred the nation.

The lunch was truly spectacular. You may skip having lunch here and just do it somewhere else but it was all worth it. I guess, I have overemphasized this too much. But perhaps because the whole ordeal of listening to Berlin’s reunification after such turbulent years was enough to put the appetite back into my system and only look at the past as a way of understanding the future.




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