Geiranger Fjord: Kayaking in the World’s Most Beautiful Fjord


After a hundred ten times of saying “NO” to my friend, I finally said yes on the 111th. They assured me how safe it was and all my fears should definitely be inside the bucket as they were not to going to be happening- at all. The kayaks were safe and will never capsize. In addition, my friend from Mexico was very eager to do it and the only remaining kayak was a two-person one. After some orientation, we were set to go fully loaded with thermal suits.

The first ten minutes were  nerve-wracking and I was trying to find the momentum. The first touch of the water sent shivers to my spine. “Whoa, that was really, really cold…I could die in 10 minutes!“.  Again, my kayak was safe and would never capsize. I was looking at other kayaks as they seemed to be on a good start. I was envious and the competitive side began to take hold of me.  From then on, we devised our own plan deviating from those rules of kayaking. Since Mexico and the Philippines shared a common ancestry, we paddled our own way, the Phil-Mexico way. I concentrated on the right and he was on the left side. We paddled like how we would do it in rivers and lakes; going to nearby towns and barrios. The kayak master was laughing at the two of us and gently told us to wait for the others. We were surely in our right element.

As we reached the Seven Sisters Falls, we couldn’t help but admire the immense beauty in front of us. Six major waterfalls and one small one gave the name to Seven Sisters and one suitor. Different legends will surely be heard in your stay here how these seven sisters were trying to impress this gentleman. And the only way to captivate the man’s heart was by flaunting its beauty, how magnificent fall could you be and how strong the free fall you could ever come up with.  This was the famous seven sisters falls that seemed to be rockets of water coming from heaven. They say that the best time to come here was right after a heavy rain. Surely, water from mountains will find its way out and this waterfall will be a sight to behold. On this late afternoon, the Geiranger Fjord seemed to have unleashed its full magic. The sound of the gushing water soothed your soul and the only sound you would hear was yourself- the beating of your heart.


The Geiranger Fjord is truly the most beautiful, dramatic, jaw-dropping Fjord in the world. Seemed like I used all the adjectives there. But nothing could compare to this one-of-a-kind natural beauty that only God could create. The perfect setting; the snow-capped mountains that formed a deep valley, the serene blue-green, cold water and the tumult of waterfalls along those tall mountains. They all seemed to be pre- arranged that never failed to impress even to the most discerning traveler.

The Fjords of Norway is by far one of the most beautiful places in this world. When people asked me of my list of must-see destinations, I always mentioned the Fjords of Norway either my number 1 or 2 depending on my mood.

I can’t wait to go back to Norway again and relive my adventures. Not only it was a promise we’ve made to come back again with so many strangers turned friends, it was a belief that in this life, we always meet people, at least twice in our lifetime. And the next time my friends and I meet again in Geiranger, we’ll be doing kayaking again and probably more as this paradise has just so much to offer!




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