Bali, Indonesia: Do the Elephant Ride


Want to ride an elephant? Have you seen an Elephant Show? If you answer “Yes” to both questions and tired of the usual things in Bali like swimming, partying and eating, then perhaps treat yourself to an awesome adventure with the elephants.


The Elephant Sanctuary in Taru, Ubud offers a one-of-a-kind show that will surely delight the child in you. Admittedly, I am not excited in riding the Elephants but my mood changed so fast as soon we arrived into the area. Seeing those “trained” elephants really made me happy. Somehow I wished of having an Elephant as my pet that would carry me around wherever I damn please. Perhaps the reason for my ambivalent feelings was the authenticity of this park and in addition to that was the living condition of these animals.  I know that the only authentic place is really in Africa where Elephants roam wildly. Forgive me, but I am pro environment and never did patronize cruelty to animals for fun and what not. Besides, I have been hearing a lot of negative comments from other elephant parks thus diminishing my excitement level.

If you’re asking for comparisons between here in Bali and Thailand, I am afraid that this was my first time. But according to my colleague, the admission prices here in Bali were not that expensive compared to Thailand. That is if you only wanted some basic entertainment and some 30min ride with the elephants. On hindsight though, I thought the prices were really steep but you forgot already how much you have paid for when you were already enjoying and laughing during the show. As long as you’re happy, so they say.



The place was well maintained and safety precautions were in placed. Perhaps because of the Elephant sizes that the stage was massive enough to have a space for every spectators. I love the idea that both parents and children are sitting/standing in one place without affecting the viewing experience. The show was well conceptualized where both kids and adult could interact with the animals. I had no expectations and that perhaps was the reason I had so much fun after all.


Now comes my ultimate suggestion whenever you find yourself here at the Elephant Sanctuary. Save some money for you to have that OPTIONAL Elephant Ride. That was really the highlight of my trip. I know the monkeys rule Bali but the Elephant Ride was really the cream of the crop. I was so nervous at first because of my fear of heights, same thing when I rode a camel in Egypt. But maybe I was natural at riding animals that after few seconds, I was really commanding my elephant what to do. It was an adventure really and I am even smiling while writing this post. Oh how much was that Elephant Ride? I forgot already…But it was all worth it 🙂






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